Modes of Criticism is a design criticism journal published annually. It was created in the context of Francisco Laranjo’s research at the London College of Communication, which sought to develop design methods for a critical design practice with attention to the emergence of recent terminology such as critical design, design fiction and speculative design within graphic design. Modes of Criticism addresses a gap in design discourse in relation to these terms, their history, methods and criticism. It examines what is meant by ‘criticality’ in design, and works towards the politicisation of its discourse and practice. From 2017, it is published and distributed by Onomatopee.

Modes of Criticism 1 – Critical, Uncritical, Post-critical (2015), with contributions by Ian Lynam, Randy Nakamura, Brave New Alps, Luiza Prado and Pedro Oliveira, Cameron Tonkinwise, James Langdon and Kenneth FitzGerald.

Modes of Criticism 2 – Critique of Method (2016), with contributions by Anne Bush, Peter Buwert, Jan van Toorn, Noel Waite, Ahmed Ansari and Matthew Kiem.

Modes of Criticism 3 – Design and Democracy (2017), with contributions by Els Kuijpers, Angela Mitropoulos, Laura Gordon, Decolonising Design Group, Silvio Lorusso, Luke Pendrell and James Trafford.

Modes of Criticism 4 – Radical Pedagogy (forthcoming, 2019), with contributions by Hannah Ellis, Anne-Marie Willis, depatriarchise design, Kenneth Fitzgerald, Danah Abdulla and more.