The shared institute is a research centre for design, pedagogy and publishing. It hosts a variety of studios and projects, such as the design criticism journal Modes of Criticism and the pedagogical platform Illustration School. The institute organises an annual series of design research seminars investigating radical pedagogy in graphic design and the state of the discipline in relation to current social, economic and political phenomena. It invites a diverse group of designers, researchers and scholars, working together with the participants towards the publication of the experiments and findings.

The collaborative ethos of the institute also manifests itself in commissions and consultancy, making use of its network of designers, illustrators, writers and researchers, working on a variety of projects—from design criticism essays to visual identities across media, editorial design, curating and exhibition design, as well as design education. The institute is based in a 1937 typical house in the centre of the city of Porto, aiming to decentralise design discourse and practice, and serving literally as a shared space for design research.


The Shared Institute is located in the centre of the city of Porto, Portugal. Both the metro stations of Marquês and Campo 24 de Agosto are a 12 minute distance from the institute. The train station of Campanhã is a 20-minute walk. Porto Airport is a 30 minute ride from the closest metro station.

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